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Elevate Your 8 Podcast

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After I left my final college housing job in 2013, I worried that my new gig wouldn’t provide me with the same satisfaction as my previous field.  Even more, I feared that my desire for work-life balance could not be honored any longer.  I was wrong, and I set out to permanently fix that.

Six years later, I’m working my dream job.  I work two side gigs with the SilverPeak Brand.  Let me share with you how I got there and how you can get there, too!

SilverPeak Development is more than just an online community with resume update and job interview tips.  This is a thriving site where you’ll learn and grow in your own field or find a new one.  First off, you’ll connect with other career changers.  Consequently, Work/Life balance becomes a reality instead of a dream.  And finally, you CAN find Career BLISS.

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