Hey Career Girl!  What Are You Looking For?

What is SilverPeak Development?

We are the Self-Help Division of SilverPeak Performance, a non-profit swim and triathlon team.

SilverPeak Performance makes the sports of swimming and triathlon more accessible in our community of Southern California.  We created the SilverPeak Development branch for our members – and the online community – to get to know us outside of sports.  Between both organizations, we offer several different aspects of personal and professional development.

However, we’re starting here with the career piece as that is Kris’ expertise.  Our services include a great deal of career content.  First of all, we will help you change up your resume.  Also, you can get tips on how to improve your cover letter.  In addition, read all about how to hone your interview skills.  Or goodness gracious, maybe you just might manifest your dream job!  It happens!

Whether you are a career changer, or work/life balance seeker, SilverPeak Development wants to be your go-to online resource for career development and work/life balance.

Furthermore, if you want coaching as well, Kris McPeak is a Certified Professional Life Coach and holds an M.Ed in Counseling.  We offer competitive pricing and sessions can be conducted in person, via email or on the phone.  Your consultation is free!

In conclusion, please visit our other website to learn more about our teams and our training.  And contact us either place to let us know how we can be of service to you!

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