13 Ways to Improve Your Attitude at Work

improve your attitude

February is over – and technically, so should Cabin
Fever.  But it’s possible that there’s
still a little carryover of FUNK, especially if you are still dealing with
crappy weather. 

Which means, of course, that you might be taking
your FUNK out on your co-workers.  And
that’s no way to treat your Vital Work Friends (or enemies, whatever). 

Prudy Gourguechon from Forbes wrote this about frustration in the workplace:

Business runs on relationships.  I’m not talking about abstract relationships, like the ones the company has with  “buyer personas” or even the institutionalized relationships attended to in customer service or HR departments.  Rather, what I mean is the relationships individual people in the business have with each other as they go about their work.

Human relationships, whether between two individuals or within a group, are by nature and inevitably bound up with emotion and the personal history, temperament and needs of each person involved.  The more pressured the environment the more intense emotional reactivity will be.

In which case, sometimes the best thing you can do
is change your attitude.  So here are 13
ways that you can do just that….

Attitude Group – Exercise

Take a Walk

Any exercise, but walking especially, can have positive effects on your physical and mental energy, as well as enhancing the body’s ability to deal with tension.  An article on Let’s Reach Success stated, “Regardless of your fitness level or age, studies have shown that if you make time and engage in physical exercise, you will enjoy better mental health.”

Jump Up and Down in Your Office (or jump rope)

An article on Happy Science Mom cites jumping rope as good for balance, the brain, relieving stress, and it’s just plain fun.  You can find a decent jump rope on Amazon for under ten bucks. 

Attitude Group – Mindfulness


One of my very favorite things to do in the entire world. And you can meditate for as quickly as one minute or as long as 30 minutes. You can just set a timer and sit in silence, or use one of the many apps or podcasts to have a guided meditation. Regardless of your choice, you’ll feel 1000% better after spending a few minutes getting outside of your head.

Close Your Door and Close Your Eyes

You could also just close your door and close your eyes. Sometimes I like to do this because I’m not sure I can get out of my head, but I need to close off the world. So I do just that.

Making the room extra dark can also help. Shut all your blinds and turn off the lights. And you can even sit on the floor under your desk!

Say Affirmations

I’ve been listening to Jen Sincero’s books again lately – boy, does she have some killer affirmations out there to share! And one of my favorites is,

“All of life comes to me with ease, and joy, and glory.”

When the days are long and your attitude is low, saying something really uplifting to yourself, over and over, can be incredibly helpful and calming. Louise Hay, the Queen of Self-Help (may she rest in peace, amazing woman), has created hundreds of affirmations which you can find here.

Play calming music

Insight Timer, another great meditation app, has great music that you can play to soothe your office space and calm things down. You can also find free things on YouTube or Apple Music (subscription required for Apple Music).

Write down all your frustrations in a journal

I love writing in my journal. I’ve done it in the morning, at the office, during lunch, after work, and before bed. You can find some pretty cool journal prompts on Pinterest or other sights. But you can also just write down the shit that’s bugging you or frustrating you and get it off your chest. Easy peasy.

My friend and mentor, Allison Melody, is a fan of “Write and Burn.” But don’t burn at work. You could “write and tear and flush” instead. Ha ha.

Attitude Group – Social

Call a non-work friend to go to lunch

Seeing your friends from outside work can be a big attitude boost during a tough day. Call them up and say, “I know this is last minute, but let’s grab some sushi.” It’s good to see your buddies for lunch, especially if you haven’t had chat time in a while.

Find your Vital Work Friend and talk it out.

I’m a big fan of Tom Rath’s book, Vital Work Friends, and getting some quality time with these peeps can really help boost your day. Even better if you can combine this tip with Food/Snacks and grab some lunch together.

Attitude Group – Food/Snacks

Physically  leave the office and grab a cup of coffee or smoothie

My last residence life job was at a campus walking distance from a Starbucks. It was not unheard of a group of us to take a mid-morning coffee break. It was nice to get out, grab a fun seasonal beverage, and get some steps in. Especially when the weather was nice.

This tip is a three-way win, because you can exercise, grab coffee, AND connect with your vital work or non-work friends. SCORE!

Keep snacks in your desk – like, forbidden snacks – that can give you a small sugar lift

I have a whole slew of things in my desk drawers: mug cake cups, almonds, chicken soup, tuna, and protein bars. I have also stashed ice cream in the office freezer and candy bars.

My teammates often bring goodies that sit on a table out in our hallway. Not always good-for-us goodies, but when you need a lift, Godiva chocolates are a welcome distraction.

Our accountant works remotely, so when she comes to visit we are always treated with Krispy Kreme donuts. Thanks, Patricia!

Leave for lunch early

Just schedule yourself for an additional 15 minutes and leave early! Go take a walk before lunch…or have lunch with a friend a little further away than you would normally go. Or get some luscious take out and eat in the park.

You could also check out my blog post on how to make the best use of your lunch hour and do some of those things!

Go drink big glass of water!

Being tired or sluggish can be attributed to dehydration…so fix that with some water. You can also make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day by filling your water bottle every hour. And drink it all!

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