It’s Giving Tuesday!

Hello everyone – and welcome to Giving Tuesday!  It’s the day where you put together what money you have left after Black-Friday-Small-Biz-Saturday-Cyber-Monday, not to mention whatever you spent on your Thanksgiving meal and donate to your favorite cause.

It’s rather cynical of me to be this way – and for that I apologize.  While part of me wants to be equally cynical about Giving Tuesday…to see it as another marketing ploy for the holiday shopping season…I realize that I need to be a big girl and be a good example as a development officer and wanna-be philanthropist.

It’s because of my supervisor at my day job that I learned about Jen Sincero.  I have read both of her Badass books and have found both of them to be incredibly motivating instruction manuals for my life, my day job, and my side hustle.   Particularly when it comes to discovering how to manifest abundance and come from a place of richness rather than a place of lacking.  Because really – and I’m totally not kidding here – I am blessed.  In many, many ways.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”6u4Y7″ via=”yes” ]I have a great day job that I love.  It fuels my passion and fulfills me.  I have a supervisor who supports me, provides me with autonomy and mentorship.  I have colleagues who are fun and giving of themselves and their time.  No one in my office is a silo.  We work as one and we take care of each other. [/ctt] This day job also provides me with a very decent salary that allows me to fund a lifestyle for myself and my husband (although, getting out of debt is another story and we can discuss that in a later blog post).

In Jen Sincero’s book about being a Badass at Making Money, there’s an exercise that I tried, and mostly succeeded in.  Coming from a place of abundance, I was to give money away every day for 30 days.  This required me to really get inside my head and my heart and feel that so that I could do it.  I have usually been that person who tries not to make eye contact when a homeless person asks for money outside the gas station or at the stop light before getting on the freeway.  But for this 30 day exercise, I gave myself permission to give of myself and I was successful in this endeavor for about 15 days.  I don’t recall how I got stuck and stopped my streak; but I know that this exercise made me feel very generous of my heart and spirit, and it also made me realize just how little things really do make a big difference.  So I will do this exercise again, soon, and complete the entire 30 days.  Which I believe will lead to a permanent habit of coming from a place of abundance.

Meanwhile, at my day job, our department is hosting a carnival for Giving Tuesday.  Our employees are encouraged to fill out their pledge forms for the next Calendar Year, and I have filled out my form as well.  I’m giving $20 monthly to three different funds that support students and the management association of which I belong.  I’ll be donating a few bucks to my friend Scott’s drive for the Pablove Foundation before I go to bed.  And I’m moving into the Holiday Season coming from a place of abundance rather than lack – because I’m blessed, happy, fortunate, and I am developing what I think is going to be a long standing spirit of giving.  Even during the Winter Holidays when I have cynical tendencies.




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