Job Interview Tip Sheet



Have you got a BIG interview soon?  Or are you just wanting to up your game with your interview skills?  This short workbook of Interview Tips can help you prepare in ways you’ve never considered.

  1.  Pin down signature experiences and achievements in your career to highlight
  2. Identify your skill sets to talk about during the interview
  3. Craft your own questions for the interviewers to determine fit

These tips have helped me with dozens of interviews and I know they will help you.

You have to know that getting a job is serious and you have to be focused and spot on. You should be prepared and on your game.  This will help you insure that that your job search runs smoothly and you receive results.  Which means…you could use these interview tips.

The ball really is in your court.  Do the work needed to present yourself as a qualified candidate.   Be thorough and consistent and you will find success as you search for a new gig.

With my Job Interview Tips Sheet and this advice from The Muse, you’ll be ready to go:

With this in mind, the next time you have an interview, go beyond smiling and showing enthusiasm for the company and show some of your personality and enthusiasm for your own interests. It’s a chance to let the interviewer see if you’re the right cultural fit—and a chance for you to sparkle.

This lovely little workbook is just $5 and is a great small investment for your career.


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