Savvy Career Makeover Bundle


Are you ready to get yourself a Career Makeover?

Are you a savvy go-getter who wants to improve your day-to-day productivity?

This is the bundle for you!  Four digital products…all designed to assist you in finding alignment with work and life and preparing for your next job search.

savvy career makeover bundle


The very tool you need to give your current career a Super Savvy Makeover!!

The Savvy Career Makeover Bundle features FOUR amazing products geared towards getting you content with your current gig and ready to leap when it’s time for the next gig.  Here’s what’s in the bundle:

Get That Job – DIY

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The DIY Package features downloadable products that will help you move your job search forward into new heights.  Your package here includes:

  • How to Build Your Skills-Focused Resume Workbook
  • 3 Resume Style Sheets (created in Canva)
  • A Cover Letter Template you can use when you are ready to apply for jobs.
  • Tip Sheets and Workbook that prepare you for job interviews.

In today’s job market, you need to stand out from the other candidates.  You need to be unique.  You’ve got to be memorable.  In my career, having 9 jobs in 7 states in 24 years, I’ve figured out ways to insure that my application sets me apart from other candidates.  I’ve had a skills based resume for more than 20 years.  Making this shift made a huge difference in my searches.  The skills based resume showcases what I can bring to a position and gives my potential employer an idea of what I can really do.  I know how to GET THAT JOB.  This package can be the keystone piece for your Savvy Career Makeover!

Spoil’Her Alert Ebook and Workbook on Self-Care

Spoil Her eBook self Care

Most of us were probably taught by our parents to not be so selfish.

To think of others before we think of ourselves.  While being kind and giving and helpful are all wonderful things to be, there comes a time when we must think only of ourselves.  Self-care is so incredibly important to living a balanced life and having some sort of alignment with the world.  How can we be any good for anyone else if we can’t take care of ourselves?  As Eleanor Brown said, “rest and self-care are so important.  When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow.  You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

This book features 30 days of little self-care actions you can do for yourself every single day.

Some are very simple and others require a little more work.  All are guaranteed to make you feel just a little more spoiled.

Some movie reviews and blog posts will let you know about “Spoiler Alerts” – when you need to be aware that a special plot point or secret is coming up.  “Spoil’Her Alerts” will alert you about taking time and energy that’s just for you.  And that’s a pretty good thing.

This book also features some planner and checklist pages to keep you on track!  It will give you some self-love during your Career Makeover!

It’s My Time:  A Time Management Planner for Thrifty Professionals


time management silver peak development

We are wasting time anytime we aren’t giving quality attention to the task we believe will create the most value for our team or company. In any given moment, we are either creating value or destroying value. With a few exceptions, nobody intentionally destroys value.

That’s why I created this planner.  For women who are on the go and need to make the best use of their time as possible!  After all, your Career Makeover needs some organization, right?

This planner features:

*brainstorming sheets, for determining all your daily and weekly activities

*a budget sheet – for assigning “currency” to all your activities

*daily, weekly, monthly planner pages, plus a “month at a glance”

*monthly follow up forms 

* BONUS – my very special, magical, “Weekend Quadrant Planner” for navigating the weekends. 

Making “Work” Work for You – ebook

Making Work Work for YouDay after day, week after week, year after year….we work to make a living, but some of us find ourselves living to work or just can’t get past the day without feeling crummy.

Are you unhappy in your daily job?

Not finding that balance?

Unsure you’ve settled in the right vocation?

This e-book provides a platform for improving your day to day life during your 9 to 5. Challenge your choices on why you’re working where you are now. Learn about and implement little daily cheats to make the workday more palatable. Find and define your support networks and how they can contribute to your comfort and confidence levels. This book should help ease the grind of the day to day and get you closer to finding happiness and satisfaction in your vocation.


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