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FREE WorkbookOur services include lots of career content.  Download our free workbook, Creating a Skills-Focused Resume!  This workbook prepares you to shake up your resume and land more interviews!  Employers will be impressed at your skills and competencies as opposed to your long (or not so long) list of titles and locations.

SilverPeak Development offers online courses to aid in your development.  Topics include finding a college, career change, and resume development.  We are currently revamping our online content, so stay tuned for additional information on these courses as they are ready for you.

Publications  Making Work Work for You

It all started with “Making ‘Work’ Work For You”.  This book is a short primer on work/life balance written by Kris McPeak.  You can purchase the paperback book HERE on our webpage!

Here are some reviews on “Making ‘Work’ Work for You.”

I am working with the author on a current project where she will be promoting this book, so I thought it best to pick up a copy. It’s a great read for both the young professionals and experienced careerists who may have lost their direction along the way. A successful work life balance is important in all lives, because at the end of the day, home, family and health is more important than getting your TPS reports up to date. Kudos to Kris on her achievement and be sure to purchase a copy for the professional in your life today.

Great tips for making work less burdensome! Kris McPeak obviously loves her career and wants to help others find their own work-bliss. It’s a quick read, which is perfect for busy professionals. The ideas are super accessible and I am already using some of the tips, especially the ones about managing one’s time. Highly recommended!

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Do you want to work with someone individually to help you reach your career goals?  We offer competitive pricing and can conduct sessions in person, on the phone, or via Skype. Kris  McPeak is certified by Transformation Services Inc. as a Professional Life Coach and specializes in Career Change.  Contact us at to request your FREE consultation.