Goal Setting Made Easy – My Review of “Slay Your Goals”

Last Fall I became introduced to a young woman named Nadalie Bardo.  Introduced in the online world, of course.  I found this fantastic little download called “How To Slay Your Goals.”


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Slay Your Goals.

Sounds violent.

In all the best ways.  She covers a goal setting process in ten steps that is both clear and easy, plus very motivational.  So when her Black Fri-Yay Sale appeared in my inbox, I went all in.

Upon receiving my 2018 Yearly Planner and the 60-page Slay Your Goals Planner, I printed both versions and made my way to the FedEx store, where I had both books spiral bound and covered.  I wanted to carry them with me so I could work on my progress as I moved through both books during the course of the year.

She starts you off with a diagram of what the planner can do for you.  You’ll work through setting intentions all the way down to weekly to-do lists.  In-between, you’ll work your quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals in a way that is specific and direct.  This is seriously well thought out and put together!

Getting Started

On December 28th, 2017 (because I am nothing if not excited now!), I turned to the first page of my Slay Your Goals Planner, which is Chapter 1.  This is the document where you’ll do all your preliminary work and store all your big goals and quarterly goals.  Right away, it’s time to sent an intention.  Nadalie prompts you with amazing questions like “I want to…” and “My purpose is to…”  She has you visualize your next year, two years, five years, and ten years and list your big goals and dreams.  Chapter 1 finishes with some more intention work – a life grid, a pie chart, and a Letter of Intention.  I photocopied the Letter of Intention and hung it up in my office.  slay your goals blog

During Chapter 2, you will choose your #1 Goal.  Nadalie breaks this chapter down into goal digging, investigation of your intention, defining the facets of your intention, and coming up with possible goals.  From there, she leads you through the SMART Goals Process AND something called the RIGHT Goal Process.

Chapter 3 is selecting 4 “Mini” Goals for your quarterly planning.  You’ll so a SWAT Analysis, a Mind Map, and then your Quarterly Forecast.  Once you complete these tasks in the first section, you’ll be ready to Plan Your Year!

Plan Your Year

Next up is Chapter 4 and you’ll begin looking at each quarter and what mini-goal you’ve got set up.  I used these sections throughout the year to both chart my progress and make adjustments when needed.  For example, for Q2, my mini-goal was to finish, edit, publish, and market my second book, “Elevate Your 8.”  This starts off with months and steps listing all the moves needed to complete the mini-goal.  During April, I set out to write 1500 words a day to finish the manuscript.  Finally, in May I set out to send the book to an editor and for June I’d set out to send the book to Amazon.

I think I mentioned adjustments – I had to make a big adjustment in May when my swim team required additional attention from me.  So I had to put some of these things on the back burner and bump them to Q3.  Chapter 5 features a great deal of blank space where you can take notes day by day, list your to-do items, and weekly progress on each of your monthly goals.


The final section of the planner is Chapter 6.  In this section, you will review your goals through monthly and weekly one-page reviews.  There are sheets that describe how to review your month, featuring questions like “How do you feel about your last month” and “List three of your greatest hits from last month,” among many other thought provoking questions.  I made extra copies of these because I LOVE all the questions that are asked.

The Monthly Planner

This is the larger of the two documents and I bound them separately since one document I used daily.  There are sections to list your goals for the week and daily prompts.  Each month begins with a sheet featuring the goal and then boxes to talk about all four weeks.  My favorite page in each month is the Goals Flow Chart.  Write the quarterly goal and then enter your monthly goals.  Finally, list your to-do items for each month.  You can then transfer them to the specific days of the week.  Nadalie includes different monthly calendar styles depending on your preference – you can use all of them or none of them.

The Bottom Line

Using the Slay Your Goals Planners, I was able to achieve the following goals during 2018 (so far!)

  1.  Finishing and Publishing my second book
  2. Attending my first mastermind group
  3. Writing three blog posts monthly (on average)
  4. Launching a Facebook group for my business
  5. Marketing my book at a book signing during a professional conference
  6. Launching my podcast
  7. Signing my first business coach

I highly recommend Nadalie’s products and next Friday you can totally rock and roll your 2019 by picking up her items.  Both items are available for $27 and it’s an immediate download once you make the purchase.  Black Fri-Yay only happens once a year, and you’ll really want to take advantage of buying one planner and getting the other for free!  Click HERE to get started on your purchase!

*I am an affiliate of “It’s All You Boo” so I may receive a small commission from your purchase. Please note that I only endorse projects that I totally believe in and have used myself.

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