The A-to-Z Guide to Work and Life Alignment

Come on, you knew there would be an A-to-Z post eventually….why not let this A-Z post be about work and life alignment.  I’m liking that term much more than “balance” these days.  Getting clear on what’s important…assessing your work situation…it sounds more practical than balance.  Or maybe I just did that because I needed a new keyword for my SEO.  Who knows.

I loved making this alignment list….

It allowed me to be creative with the alphabet and it even reaffirmed some of my thoughts and beliefs on certain issues.  Like what you are about to see in A, D, G, and Q.  Among others.  Enjoy the list!

A.  ASK your supervisor for some suggestions on how to make the work day easier.  He or she may just need to know that you need a little support.

B.  BELIEVE that Work/Life Balance can be yours.  You won’t achieve this if you don’t believe in it.  You CAN have this.

C.  CREATE strategies for your day.  Whether that’s monitoring your calendar, taking a walk break every morning and afternoon, or closing your door from time to time.

D.  DELEGATE tasks to your support staff or to a colleague if you have that opportunity.  There may be someone on your team who can do that project better than you; OR it’s a project that can easily be handed off to an administrative assistant or clerk.

E.  EAT lunch.  Have snacks on hand.  Don’t starve during the work day because then you’ll eat like a heifer when you get home.

A to Z Guide

F.  FAKE it til you make it.  If you are miserable at work, find your vital work friend or a close companion to share your frustrations.  The entire office does not need to know that you’re bumming out.  Come up with a strategy for how to fix what’s making you nuts.

G.  GIVE it up….your phone, that is.  Every now and then, do a detox from your phone.  Maybe delete your social media apps for a couple weeks, or hide it in your desk drawer during the work day.

*work/life alignment helps you achieve happiness.

H.  HAVE A HOBBY.  Something that you enjoy outside of work gives you something to think about that isn’t work when you’re not at work.  Or, yeah, something like that.

I.  IMAGINE what your workday will be like before you get to the office.  Get familiar with your schedule and tasks and get a positive vibe going so you don’t get overwhelmed or negative about the day.

J.  JUST breathe.  Take a couple deep breaths before each meeting, or after a short break.  Close your eyes and say a little mantra in your head.

 A to Z guide

K.  KEEP it real and simple.  Don’t be a person you aren’t at work.  Be yourself.  And don’t make things overly complicated.  It’s just work.

L.  LEAVE at the end of the official work day.  Make this a practice as best you can.  Getting used to getting out on time will make it easier day after day.

Half Way There….feel free to grab some coffee….

M.  MAKE your own lunch as often as you can.  You can control your day a little more when you have a brown bag lunch, you can also make healthier eating choices this way.

N.  NEGOTIATE tasks with your supervisor from time to time…especially if you think your strengths can be used elsewhere.

O.  OPPORTUNITIES will come knocking – so be selective on what you choose.  You don’t have to say “yes” to everything.  Some “no’s” now and then keep you in alignment.

P.  PODCASTS or Audiobooks are great motivators to listen to on your commute.  Choose something entertaining or something uplifting.

A to Z guide

Q.  QUESTION how much time you need for projects or meetings.  Consider this:  why take 60 minutes to schedule something that will be done in a half hour?

R.  RELATIONSHIPS are important.  However, you need to nurture all of them.  Remember to do that.

S.  SLEEP eight hours a night.  You’ll learn more about this if you read my upcoming book, ELEVATE YOUR 8, but lots of research shows that this is a prime number of hours to stay productive and healthy.

*you can learn more about sleep by clicking here.

T.  TIME.  Be intentional on how you manage your time.  Because YOU are the person in charge of your calendar.

U.  UNIQUE.  You are.  Embrace that.  Similarly, make sure you find ways to use your strengths at work every day.

V.  VITAL Work Friends are really important.  Do you have one?  Make sure there is someone at work who cares about you as a person…and vice versa.

W. WORKOUT daily.  Even if that means a five minute walk.  Something is better than nothing.

X.  XEROX.  Don’t do what the “Office Space” guys do with the copy machine.  Unless you have been cast in “Office Space 2.”

A to Z

Y.  YOU need to be in control of your work/life alignment.  No one else will necessarily be your advocate here, so make sure you have your strategies in place.

Z.  Be ZEN.  Finally, a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort.

What did you think?  I hope you got some inspiration.  I’ve got a special treat for you now that I’ve reached the bottom of this post.   You can download a FREE poster of all the A-to-Z tips to Work and Life Alignment.  Yes, it’s FREE.  You can post a copy in your office, your bedroom, your car…share them with your colleagues and friends.  Enjoy it!  It’s FREE.

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